We are committed to putting Autoration technology to work for you in the most cost-effective manner.


Get conneted anytime, anywhere in the world with our notification system using emails, SMS and much more.


The only system on the market whose incoming and outgoing connections (remotely) are 100% secure (avoiding any intrusion or virus).


Industrial computer 100% dedicated to the Autoration Pro robotic system developed by our engineers and working on a Windows 7 interface.


Compatible with Android® and Apple® technologies for tablets and mobiles.*

icone-apple icone-android

* Remote access app required.

Real time notifications

No matter where you are, Autoration Pro will keep you informed with your inventory (level), potential malfunctions, failures, alarms and other…

Detailed reports which will impress your neighbours.

Take control of your operations with our safe remote access system for you or your nutritionist. View real-time reports that matters to you.

Your success at your fingertip.

Autoration Pro – New Features

  • Conveyor belt defrost feature
  • Maintenance planning (with reminders sent by SMS, e-mails, etc)
  • Cumulative ingredients data
  • Communication system by email
  • Debugging, update or maintenance done remotely
  • Secure VPN Connection (with automatic disconnect)
  • 24V emergency power supply (to protect data)
  • 240V surge protection
  • And much more…

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